Covergalls to Face the Dragons

April 3, 2014 - AM 452Has the underground mining environment prepared a Sudbury entrepreneur for the heat of the Dragonsʼ Den?
Catch the season premiere of CBCʼs Dragonsʼ Den as Covergalls founder Alicia Woods presents her business plan to the panel of renowned Canadian investors.
The first ever Canadian-made and designed coverall for women was manufactured to stand up to the harshest conditions. But Sudbury residents will have to watch CBC Television Wednesday Oct. 15 to learn how the garment and its creator fare when confronted by the fire-breathing venture capitalists.
Mrs. Woods has worked in the mining supply and service sector since 2000. Very early she identified a need for womenʼs specific garments and tools. As a result she created a coverall tailored specifically for a womenʼs physique and needs. Covergalls are sold worldwide. Since Covergalls was launched in spring 2013, the Sudbury-based company has experienced exponential growth.
Women working in the trades from around the world, and as far away as Russia have embraced Covergalls. Demand has seen Covergalls expand into numerous sectors, starting with mining, and then moving into the construction, automotive and forestry industries. Mrs. Woods intends to explore further markets with a growing line of garments designed for both men and women.
Covergalls has teamed up with Mechanix Wear and will soon launch the Womenʼs Safety FastFit Glove designed for
improved and flexible wear when handling tools. Special features include TrekDry material and 3M reflective ink.
The motivation behind designing Covergalls and gender specific garments and tools is to educate and promote the trades as a rewarding career for women. “We all know we have to get more women involved in the mining industry,” said Mrs. Woods. “Theyʼre an untapped resource pool. One of the ways to get women to start thinking of these non traditional roles is providing them with tools that are actually made for them.”

The Season 9 premiere of Dragonsʼ Den airs Wednesday Oct. 15 2014 at 8 p.m. (8:30 p.m. in NFLD) on CBC Television.