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Mining Gear Gets Picked Up On CBC’s Dragon’s Den – Kitco News

Who says women can’t be comfortable in a mine? Kitco News’ latest guest launched Covergall, a coverall catered to women. “There was absolutely nothing for women,” the creator of Covergalls, Alicia Woods says. In April, Woods actually pitched her product on the popular series Dragon’s Den, which is the Canadian-equivalent to Shark Tank, where she was able to secure three investors or ‘dragons.’ “The response has been tremendous, extremely positive,” she says. “A lot of the mining companies are creating initiatives to attract and retain more women and some are seeing the Covergall as a tool to do that.” Tune in now to find out what other industries besides mining she has found success in and to hear her special announcement for men in the industry! Kitco News, November 26, 2014.

You can view the full video interview here.


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