“I’ve been wearing men’s bibs underground for years and am thrilled there is finally a product made for women. The comfort level and fit is amazing.”

Sadae Miller, Geologist, Galena Silver Mine

“The coveralls are a huge improvement, thank you!”

Darlene Duerks, Shovel Operator, TECK Resources Fording River Operations

“I love the Covergalls! They are really comfortable, and the drop back is easy and efficient. I like the way they do not hang down too low in the crotch, as many other coveralls made for men do when worn by women. To meet NFPA 1977 qualifications, I sewed Velcro tape at the leg bottoms, so they can be cinched tight around boot tops, to prevent hot ash from entering the boots.”

Claire Desmarais, Yukon forest Fire Fighter

“Since beginning my career as a Mine Geologist, finding proper underground attire has been a struggle. I am a woman’s size XS, and have found myself significantly altering men’s coveralls of larger sizes. Besides being uncomfortable with PPE that didn’t fit and the logistical nightmare of going to the bathroom underground- it was evident that it was also safety hazard. I searched for a solution and found Covergalls – work wear that fits. The properly fitting coveralls not only increased my comfort while working, but they increased my safety underground. The reflective striping was where it was supposed to be and I was no longer getting caught on pieces of equipment. Soon all the women at the mine were sporting them- and they became our new standard for PPE. A big step for women working in industry- finally work clothing that’s tailored just for us!”

Bailey Edwards, Production Geologist, Yukon Zinc

“When I first started working underground there was only 1 outhouse in the area and about 60 people using it, im sure you could imagine its condition.  So when I asked to get it cleaned and the answer was there was nobody qualified to come underground to clean it, I had to make a decision. So I decided to stop drinking water, in order not to have to use it. I went a few weeks doing this,10 hour days and holding in my pee. I started to get very sick and went to the doctors and he pin pointed exactly that. I had a major infection from dehydration. Working in a mans industry isnt always fun, but it sure has come a long way in even the 4 years since Ive started!  After hearing about Covergalls, I have never been so excited about something involving mining. Finally something for me, something that fits and something so practical. Things like this really make me feel more welcome in the mining industry!”

Sarah Kingsley

“I’ve been wearing the Covergalls underground; using the “blue room” has never been easier, and I’m much more comfortable all day long than I would be in Carhartts. On occasion, I notice the Velcro slipping apart if I bend over too far, but in general my mine belt helps provide reinforcement to keep from having an accidental exposure (I always have leggings on underneath, also, so the risk is minimal). My husband, who worked here in the past also, got his hands on a pair of the Covergalls and he absolutely loved the buttflap feature. He’ll be excited to hear you’re expanding the market to male-specific clothing. In general, it’s exciting to see opportunities for women in the working world improving and expanding. Products like yours are an important piece of the puzzle toward equality. Thanks for all you are doing, and I wish you the best as you continue to move forward.”

Libby Stringer, Electrical Maintenance Planner, COEUR ALASKA