“i Wannabe Mentored” Competition


About the competition

Who can compete?
Female students in undergraduate and graduate studies and recent graduates working in mining-related disciplines (see Appendix A for more guidelines).

What is it?
WWR is offering ambitious and talented students the opportunity to be funded by an industry company and mentored by recognized mining leaders at the Third Annual Auction for Action event.

WWR aspires to be an active participant in promoting feminine power in the Canadian mining industry.

Third Annual Auction for Action
Trump International Hotel & Tower, Grand Ballroom
325 Bay St, Toronto

Tuesday, January 17, 2017
17:30 – 21:00 pm

A female student will be championed by an organization to bid on and be mentored by a mining leader of her choice at the WWR Auction for Action. Up to $1,000 will fund one-hour of personal mentorship time with the respective executive.

Competition winners will receive an invitation to the exclusive Auction for Action pre-reception with their champions and industry executives.

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About Women Who Rock
The ‘Women Who Rock’ (WWR) organization aspires to become an integral part of the industry’s efforts to attract women to mining. Our long-term strategy is to create programs that connect various stakeholders in the industry, with the goal of supporting and empowering women.

Founded by Elena Mayer, MBA, in 2014, the professional and social network has grown to more than 600 active followers, male and female, from academia, mining companies, non-profit organizations, legal firms and supply and service industries.

Our inspiration and motivation comes from current leaders in the industry. As Andrew Cheatle, Executive Director, PDAC recently stated, “Positive change is inevitable and must happen.”

About the Auction for Action
The First Annual Auction for Action sponsored by the mining industry’s thought leaders and legal community had overwhelming industry participation. With the generous support of 12 CEO/CFO trailblazers from the mining industry, WWR was able to auction one-hour mentorship sessions to women intent on advancing their careers in the sector.

The Second Annual ‘Auction for Action’ offered women in the mining sector an extraordinary opportunity to bid for a one-hour mentorship meeting with celebrated mining leaders. Among the mentees were women completing graduate studies and in the early stages of their careers in the geology, engineering, law and business disciplines. Participated by over 150 guests, the event included high quality networking, live auctions of mining leaders, refreshments and lot of good spirit.

The Third Annual Auction for Action event will be hosted in Toronto, January 2017, 2017. The event will be held at The Trump Hotel, Grand Ballroom.


Appendix A
“i Wannabe Mentored” Competition Guidelines

Female participants are required to submit an application to:

  • sophie@womenwhorock.ca
  • Entry Deadline: 12 midnight, December 10, 2016.
  • WWR Executive Committee will determine the winning applicants.
  • Selected participants will be informed by email by December 20, 2016.
  • Winners are required to attend the Auction for Action event on January 17,2017.

Female students undergraduate and graduate studies and recent graduates (within the last 3 years) working in the sector specializing in law, environmental studies, business, geology, engineering or sustainability are eligible to apply.

Application Requirements

  • a one-page essay focused on the topic described below
  • personal resume highlighting your interest in and passion for mining
  • a three paragraph story on how an existing mentor influenced your career and choices (to be published on WWR media outlets)

Follow these formatting guidelines: each page, single-spaced, 11 point font, Times New Roman, normal margins (2.54cm) on each side, a header with the participants’ name

Essay Topic
The mining industry is currently experiencing serious labour and skills shortages. It is estimated that 106,490 employees will be needed in the industry over the next ten years in a baseline scenario. In a more economically friendly environment it is estimated that these numbers will increase even more. A large percentage of these jobs are based on replacement needs in general and about 51,030 due to retirement of many of the baby boomers from many middle and senior management positions. Replacing highly skilled and experienced employees is therefore one of the main challenges faced by mining companies.

As a future leader in the mining industry, identify your “big idea” to solve the labour and shortage gap and how you would champion gender diversity within the industry?

Outline how mining companies, government and not-for-profit organizations can work together to achieve a vibrant, progressive and economically viable outcome. 5

Appendix B

Mentees Feedback from the First and Second Annual Auction for Action

Anitha Kalyanaraman, MBA Candidate 2016, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

To Toronto Stock Exchange – the Champion:

“I wanted to write in and let you know that I met with Wendy Kaufman, CFO Primero Mining, last week, following the Action event. I had an absolutely delightful meeting with her. She is a wonderful mentor, and she very generously shared her time and insights with me. I wanted to thank you for TSX’s generous sponsorship and support without which this opportunity would not have been available to me.”

Mentorship time with Wendy Kaufman, CFO, Primero Mining Corp.:

“I wanted to write in and inform you that I met with Wendy Kaufman, Primero CFO, on Friday. It was an absolutely delightful meeting. She is a wonderful person, and she generously shared her time and insights on the mining industry and many other matters. I have found a great mentor in her, and I look forward to an enduring professional association with her. This is a very valuable opportunity for me, and one that I would not have got without your help and support.”

Jessica Lee, junior lawyer, Cassels Brock LLP

Mentorship time with Marie Inkster, CFO, Lundin Mining Corporation

“When I received the invite to the Women Who Rock – Auction for Action event, I knew that it was in support of a great cause and sounded like a fun evening but I wasn’t sure what exactly the night would involve. At the very least, I expected that I would attend and watch others bid, but as a first year lawyer, I certainly didn’t anticipate that I would be bidding. As the auction began and we started to see a flurry of activity, my colleague, Alexis Bowie, and I decided that we would pool our resources to make a maximum bid on one of the mining executives up for auction. We agreed that we wanted to bid on a female in the spirit of the event and because we felt it would be interesting for us to hear about her career path in the mining industry.

Alexis Bowie and I were happy to learn that we were successful in winning an hour with Marie Inkster, Chief Financial Officer of Lundin Mining Corp. Marie kindly offered to take us out for lunch and spent a great deal of time with us talking about her past career experiences and how she ultimately ended up at her current position at Lundin. We were relieved to hear that she hadn’t mapped out her career from an early stage, calculating each step or precise career move she was going to make down the road; instead, Marie emphasized the importance of doing good work, developing strong relationships with the individuals around you, and becoming an asset to the team with whom you work. At the end of our wonderful lunch, Marie generously offered to meet with us again next year.

As young female lawyers working in the mining industry, Alexis and I could not be more grateful to Women Who Rock and the sponsors of Auction for Action for recognizing the importance of connecting women in mining with leaders in the industry and for organizing such a fantastic event. 


Sandra Meng, recent MBA graduate, Schulich School of Business

Mentorship time with Paul Rollinson, President and CEO, Kinross Gold Corporation

“I was fortunate to have participated in the WWR Auction for Action event as I received the winning bid for an hour mentoring time with Kinross CEO – Paul Rollinson. The meeting at Kinross was amazing. Before the meeting with Mr. Rollinson, I first had a quick chat with Miss. Caroline McTague and Miss Jennifer Cameron, we each introduced ourselves and talk about the company. They gave me an unexpected and warm company tour. During the company tour, they showed me around the office including the meeting room, café and the gym. They also explained to me about the organization and each department’s function. They also introduced me to the people that are in the Generation Gold program. I was very impressed how they went through the program at different mines within different countries. What stood out the most was the company’s value and vision. Through my visit, it was emphasized how Kinross brought their employees to their headquarters to celebrate their long-stay in the company. I truly felt the company puts their people first and provides a very good working environment.

After the company tour, I finally get to meet Mr. Rollinson. I was a bit nervous at the beginning, but he was extremely nice and welcomed me to his office. We first had a quick chat and I was able to tell him a little bit about myself and also got to hear about his own career path. We then went into a more casual environment where we had lunch together. I was able to ask him many questions not directly relate to mining in general, but more towards career advice and progression. What I learnt the most is to set goals in my career/life, and then reflect on it to see what steps I should take to get there, and work hard.

I truly appreciated the privilege to attend the WWR Auction for Action event, and luckily had an opportunity to become one of the lucky ladies to win the bid. As a woman, I feel we are often not proactive enough to seek a mentor. I thank WWR for providing us with the opportunity to gain insight in mining industry, meet and talk to someone as successful as Paul Rollinson.

Ines Gomes, MBA graduate 2014, Schulich School of Business

Mentorship time with Ginny Flood, Vice President, Canada, Rio Tinto

“Ginny Flood is an incredible individual. Despite having a super busy schedule and being limited for time, she let us know that our mentoring session mattered and was a priority. We openly discussed personal + professional goals, how to manage our careers and make choices that would take us to where we wanted to be. Ginny shared her own experiences with us on how she nurtured her career + achieved her successes. Truly inspiring + insightful evening. Thank you for the opportunity WWR!

Key Takeaways from the discussion:

  • Develop + manage your personal brand according to your goals and values (never forget that you are in charge of it… you want to be a resource person, brand yourself as a resource person)
  • Never lose sight of the long-term outlook, from negotiating to making professional moves and delivering on mandate/commitments
  • Enjoy what you are doing